We are the Westside Ronins!

Just like the Samurai warriors who lacked a master, we are Rugby club formed by a group of diverse players and coaches that is dedicated to the promotion and development of the game of Rugby in our communities.  Our club is comprised of Rugby fanatics who have played and coached at various levels of competition from recreational to professional.  With our combined knowledge and experience, we nurture the development of those interested in being a part of the future of Rugby.  

Through our club, we formed unbreakable bonds with our teammates and through these bonds it is our goal to present Rugby as a platform for building family values, community involvement, integrity, accountability and the grit to be successful in all our endeavors.

Our club relies solely on the generosity of others and the tenacity of our players to build support by giving back to the community.  Please help us to continue to build our dual passion for promoting Rugby and thriving communities.  Get to know us and join our cause.

We are Westside Ronins – a team – a family – a community – and through Rugby we make a difference.

God Bless